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Vegan Lemon Berry Protein Pancake Recipe

One of the questions we receive the most about our Nutrition Courses is if they “work” for you if you’re vegan… and the answer is yes, absolutely! Our courses are focused on building more consistent, goal-aligned, habits; so regardless of your specific preferences – like eating vegan – we can absolutely help you reach your goals. Our system is hyper-focused on meeting you where you are and building from there!

Of course, one of the most challenging elements of eating in a way that’s aligned with your nutrition goals is just finding recipes that are easy, delicious and support what you’re trying to do! Which is exactly why we’ve enlisted the help of our strong strong friend JamaRR Royster, aka @pancakegawd. As you can see, he’s always serving up a delicious and nutritious recipes on his Instagram. And today, we’re sharing the Vegan Lemon Berry Pancake recipe he made just for us and our crew!

Vegan Lemon Berry Pancake Recipe

By JamaRR Royster (@pancakegawd)

Estimated Nutrition Info:

610 Calories 20p | 50c | 36f

Estimated Serving Size:

Entire stack (makes roughly 10 pancakes).


6 oz of All Purpose Flour 2 oz of Almond Flour ½ tsp of Baking Soda 1 tsp of Baking Powder Pinch of Salt ½ cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk (or as needed) ½ cup of Applesauce 2 tsp of Lemon Extract 1 Lemon Blueberries Raspberries


Step 1: Preheat a lightly oiled griddle to 375 degrees F

Step 2: Whisk almond flour, all purpose flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, and zest half of a lemon together in a bowl. In a separate bowl whisk unsweetened almond milk, lemon extract, and applesauce. Stir wet mixture into dry mixture and blend in a blender until mixture is a pancake batter consistency.

Step 3: Drop batter onto the prepared griddle and cook until pancakes are golden brown and edges are dry. Flip and cook until browned on the other side. Repeat with the remaining batter.

Step 4: Stack pancakes and add berry toppings w/ choice of syrup.

Step 5: Eat and enjoy.

Want access to more recipes and nutrition guidance? Check our nutrition courses, and if they're not open for enrollment, be sure to join the waitlist! We aim to help you gain control of your nutrition by building habits that really add up and impact your life.
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