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Breaking the Mold with Vintage Gold

One Strong B*tch – or OSB as we call it – is the campaign that’s turning heads… but for a different reason than you might expect

It’s the name of the current cycle of training from the Stronger by the Day App (a strength training app with more than 20,000 members), and it’s flipping the script on the perception of women and strength.

App Founder and Coach Meg Gallagher — aka @Megsquats — was inspired by her own life, where strength is just a lifestyle. Her mission remains to get a barbell in every woman’s hand, and she intends to do so with each new cycle of training within the app that’s meant to inspire and keep members excited about pumping iron!

The campaign took inspiration from Mad Men era ads, but rather than just reversing the roles between female and male (which has been done before), it was meant to reinterpret how women should've always been perceived: strong AF.

We work out because we refuse to make multiple trips to bring in the groceries! I mean, have you ever seen a mother holding her child while multitasking?

Jokes aside, the hope was to visually capture what we as women have always known— our strength is our superpower. All of Stronger by the Day’s programming, including One Strong Btch, guarantees you’ll build strength and make real progress while training in the gym.

Meg and her community love being and looking jacked, so we hope this campaign inspires you to lift some heavy sh*t. Women have always turned heads, but this time it’ll be for a different reason— when she walks in the room, they’ll say, “Damn, that’s one strong bitch”.

You can follow Meg on all her social platforms. If you’ve ever scrolled her Instagram, watched her YouTube, or dived into her newsletter, you’ll see her passion for all things fitness!

You can also find where we originally shared the ads – with lots of incredible feedback – on our Instagram page here: Opening the Jar Ad, Groceries in One Trip Ad, Build Brute Strength Ad, Give Her What She Wants Ad, Getting Kissed Ad

Want to share more about the campaign on your news outlet or social channel? PR inquiries can reach out to

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