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The best way to get stronger by the day.

Our $12/mo training app – coached by Meg Squats – is helping thousands of members get stronger than ever. Now it's your turn! 

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Stronger by the Day:

Flagship strength training app

$12/MONTH or $100/YEAR

  • Two programs for the price of one (both in-gym and at-home options)

  • Break through a strength, muscle growth, or fat loss plateau with evidence-based programming

  • Achieve long-term sustainable progress through our macrocyclical training focus

  • Demos and suggested substitutions to guide you no matter your equipment or experience

  • Focus on what your body can DO (not just what you look like)

Before the Barbell:

FREE program for total beginners


  • 8-Week training intensive that requires zero sign-ups since it's directly on Instagram

  • Exercise demonstrations and technique breakdowns to help you dial in your form

  • Weekly video lessons to ensure your knowledge matches your strength gains

  • Support network of like-minded individuals via our community on Discord

  • Ability to visit the Instagram and run the program again anytime

Plus+1 Prenatal & Postpartum:

Customized program for every phase


$199 or $19/month

  • 40 weeks of prenatal strength training – including an at-home version and in-gym version – written by a Certified Pre- & Postnatal Coaching Specialist (plus a 16 week trying to conceive phase) 

  • Guidance on considerations and modifications for each trimester

  • Educational videos from a team of fitness and medical professionals, including an OBGYN and a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist team

  • Downloadable training guides & exercise demos for each movement

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“This program has absolutely changed my life. I’ve been following it for 2 years and seen substantial growth in not only my physical strength, but my mental strength. My body composition has also changed drastically. I am always so excited to go to the gym and never feel as though it’s a chore. I am obsessed and never want to leave. Meg is my queen!!!”

-Madi Rivera

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